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We want to hear your story!

Piedmont Columbus Regional has been a United Way partner for many years. As we prepare for the upcoming 2023 United Way Kickoff at Piedmont, we want to hear from you! Many of your coworkers have benefitted from a United Way Strategy or Partner Agency. In fact, just last year 100 Piedmont employees self-reported that were served by one of United Way’s programs. We’re hoping to hear about that impact directly! If you have benefited from a program, we are hoping you’ll share that in the survey below. You can remain anonymous and we will not use any of this information without your permission.

Please help support the Piedmont United Way Campaign by sharing your story with your coworkers. Thank you!

Piedmont Impact Report

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You can remain anonymous
You can remain anonymous
You can remain anonymous
See list of partner agencies and internal strategies below.
Can we share some or all of your story for the Piedmont Kickoff?
If you agreed, would you prefer to stay anonymous?
Would you be willing to be in a video for the Piedmont Kickoff?
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Our community addresses tough challenges by working with partners to make meaningful
change through charitable donations, volunteerism, and advocacy.

Our work focuses on three pillars that form the foundation of a good life:
Health Access, Economic Mobility, and Educational Equity.


All people in our community will have access to supportive services and care that promote physical and social-emotional health.

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All people in our community have the ability and opportunity to improve their financial status and move out of poverty.  

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All children have a great start in life, are supported in school and community, read on grade level, and graduate high school on time.

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