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What does it mean to thrive?

And what is United Way’s part? We are taking action to reduce poverty and create a strong, resilient community where every person has a bright future.

For some, thriving means to flourish or to grow boldly.

But for many of us, to thrive is a dream that feels just beyond reach.

Many of us are standing at the edge of poverty.

Waking up hungry, without a place to call home, facing challenges that feel overwhelming.

United Way wants to help. Our community is not alone – we are UNITED FOR hope.

1 in 4 people live in poverty in the Chattahoochee Valley.

But together, with your help, we are creating pathways to success.

Every person deserves opportunities regardless of their circumstances.

1 in 4 people are living in poverty, but together, we are building ways for people to feel empowered and supported.

At United Way, we’re not just dreaming of ending poverty.

We’re taking action to make that a reality.

We’re giving people hope.

Facing life’s challenges can feel lonely and overwhelming. United Way’s 211 team is ready to listen and prepared to help by sharing access to resources. It’s our purpose to offer guidance and support.


Because we are working together, more than 26,000 people were connected to essential services and resources.

Through our 211 strategy, the team connects community members to essential resources like rental and utility assistance, food insecurity, transportation challenges, and support for those experiencing homelessness.

Together, we create opportunities for people to improve their well-being.

Everyone deserves to have access to supportive services and care.

Improving Health Access is one of United Way’s priorities. All people in our community should have the right to assistance, care, and attention that promotes physical and social-emotional health.

Working with our community partners, we connect people to resources, leading to a brighter future.

When there are challenges, there can also be courage. Life isn’t always easy, but we can help lighten the burden together.

Because we are working together, over 61,000 people participated in food access or nutrition programs.

Through our partnerships, nearly 70,000 children and families improved their physical and mental health.

When we partner together, dreams continue to grow & hope comes to life.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their financial status and move out of poverty.

Supporting Economic Mobility through United Way strategies like Home for Good and other partner programs gives people hope that their past doesn’t define their future.

We want to create a region in which all people in our community have the ability and opportunity to improve their financial status and move out of poverty.  

Because we are working together, over 15,000 people were connected to affordable housing and financial services​.

Through Home for Good, 97% of people housed remain in permanent, stable homes in our community.

When we partner together, new possibilities arise. Hope becomes reality.

Everyone deserves to feel supported, encouraged, and receive a quality education.

United Way’s focus on Educational Equity means generational transformation. When we invest in our children, families, and school staff, we are investing in the future.

We are actively working toward a community that ensures all children have a great start in life, are supported in school and community, read on grade level, and graduate high school on time.

Knowledge transforms into action. We’re developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Because we are working together, 70% of children experienced growth in core subject areas​.

Through Community Schools United, The Basics, and Resilient Chattahoochee Valley, we are improving children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development from birth and beyond​.

Let’s tell the story of hope, resilience, and endless potential within us all.

Together, our impact resonates through generations, creating lasting prosperity and hope.

Our challenge to you is to join us. Join us by sharing our collective resources. Join us in lifting up our neighbors. Join us in inspiring hope.

Let’s continue to write the story of our region – a story of resilience and endless potential within us all.

A place for fresh starts and new growth.

A place for all to call home.

A place UNITED FOR hope.

United Way is taking action and together we are UNITED FOR hope.