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“Bring us your best and we will make them BETTER.”

United Way Campaign Ambassadors are local individuals volunteering part-time for 10-12 weeks during the fall to help implement a successful United Way Campaign. They become part of the United Way team, assisting with many workplace campaigns in area businesses. Campaign Ambassadors benefit from a unique professional development program that cultivates executive talent, nurtures enthusiasm, strengthens sales skills, and raises confidence. 

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Campaign Ambassador benefits overview

The individuals who participate in this program will become better, more philanthropic leaders. Here’s how:


  • Strengthened skills in sales, time management, communications, negotiation and presentations
  • Increased self-confidence  
  • Valuable contacts throughout the business community 
  • Heightened awareness and understanding of community needs and resources in health and human services 


  • Provides a tool to help prepare high-potential employees for leadership roles at work and in the community 
  • Employees return with leadership experience and advanced personal and professional skills 
  • Strengthened relationships with other organizations through contacts and working relationships 
  • An opportunity to impact the community’s quality of life 


  • Maximization of volunteer effort 
  • Minimization of fundraising costs 
  • An increase in contributions to help people 
  • Increased knowledge about core needs in our community 

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