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April 6, 2020: Coronavirus Community Call

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To download the call notes, click here.

National and State Update-Ben Moser

Ben gave the following updates for Day 25 of the National Emergency of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 from national, state and local news sources:

  • Dr. Anthony Fucci said that 25% to 50% of people with the coronavirus are asymptomatic
  • Queen Elizabeth II in a rare televised address on Sunday, asked her fellow Britain’s to confront the virus with the resolve and self-discipline that has seen their nation through its greatest trials. There are 40,000 people in Britain that have been infected to include her son, Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson
  • A tiger at the Bronx Zoo in New York has tested positive for the coronavirus;
  • Americans are warned of a “Pearl Harbor” moment as President Trump tells parts of the nation to brace for the peak of the virus
  • United States Surgeon General Vice Admiral Jerome Adams said that the coming week will be the “hardest and saddest” week of most Americans lives as the death toll nears 10,000 on Sunday, comparing it to Pearl Harbor and 911.
  • Stocks rally and oil drops at the start of a challenging week
  • As the United States falls into a recession, the Federal Reserve is using its nearly unlimited power to generate cash to cushion the fall
  • In Georgia, Governor Kemp’s office offered some additional information and guidance concerning the Shelter in Place order. The information can be found on his website
  • In Alabama, Governor Kay Ivey and State Health Officer Scott Harris issued a Stay at Home order beginning 5:00pm Saturday, April 4 through 5:00pm Thursday, April 30

Columbus Area Updates

Department of Public Health (Columbus Health Department) Update-Natalie Mann

Natalie gave the following updates:

  • Muscogee County has 30 cases; Sumter County 59; Crisp County 23
  • Will update on next call the answer to two questions:

1. The high numbers in Sumter and Crisp

2. Number of recoveries in Columbus/Muscogee County

Muscogee County School District Update-Dr. David Lewis

Dr. Lewis gave the following updates:

  • First day back from Spring Break
  • Feedings and Distance learning will resume today
Alabama State Representative Update-Chris Blackshear

Representative Blackshear gave the following updates:

  • Governor Kay Ivey and State Health Officer Scott Harris issued a Stay at Home order beginning 5:00pm Saturday, April 4 through 5:00pm Thursday, April 30
  • In Alabama, 13,000 people have been tested
  • There are 1842 confirmed cases in Alabama as of this morning
  • Lee County has 110 confirmed cases; 218 people have been tested and 2 deaths
  • There are 10 confirmed cases in Russell County; 36 people have been tested; no deaths
  • There have been 45 deaths reported by the Alabama Department of Public Health and 32 of those have been confirmed
Columbus Consolidated Government Update-Mayor Skip Henderson

Mayor Henderson gave the following updates:

  • Community Wide testing by MercyMed and the Department of Public Health took place over this weekend at Cascade Hills Church; a little over 500 people have been tested; could translate into a lot of positive cases
  • They will monitor how many are using hospital rooms and ICU in order to prepare for any surges
  • The city is receiving calls concerning the Governor’s Shelter in Place order; they are reminding citizens that it means to stay at home except in case of an emergency, to see a health care provider or to pick up groceries
  • Positive reports are coming from businesses going above and beyond to do the right thing to protect their employees and customers; continue to encourage them
  • Governor’s order does state that people can still exercise outside. The city did lock gates in some parks in Columbus where people were congregating in large groups to limit vehicle access, but pedestrians can still access
Columbus Area Vulnerable Population Update
Home for Good Update-Pat Frey

Pat gave the following updates:

  • Virtual Housing Navigation Meeting tomorrow at 3:00pm. The meeting will be open to include community stakeholders. Will discuss how services are being coordinated.  A representative from the Columbus Consolidated Government Community Planning will also be present to discuss the Census and coordinate efforts for those experiencing homelessness to participate.
  • Local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) committee adopted a screening tool to track individuals and refer them to screening, isolation and medical assistance
  • Learned Friday that is was announced that this screening tool will be used as a basis for a tool that software provider, ClientTrack will be using across the country; kudos to the local committee
Crisis Fund Update-Betsy Covington

Betsy gave the following updates:

  • Reminder that the purpose of the fund set up in partnership with the Community Foundation and United Way is to provide resources to organizations in the Columbus area who are working with our most vulnerable citizens
  • Great response; money coming in quickly; needs are growing as well
  • Can accept donations online, text, checks, electronic transfer, etc. CFCV.com/coronavirus
  • Reminder to front line organizations to go to the Community Foundation website and the complete form
  • The Grant Committee meeting today to start making grant decisions; will be announced on this call and posted on the website tomorrow

Open Forum Updates

MercyMed Update-Billy Holbrook

Billy gave the following updates:

  • Onsite at the Community Wide testing at Cascade Hills Church with the Department of Public Health
  • The flow is steady; testing going well; 815 tests so far
  • Today is the final day: testing ends at 6:00pm
  • Criteria to receive testing are: Cough or fever or known exposure to someone who has the virus or is suspected to have the virus
  • Communication plan for test results: patient, primary care provider, Department of Public Health
Community Updates-Betsy Covington

Betsy gave the following updates:

  • The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce has a good landing page on their website to assist small businesses
  • The Georgia Center for Non-Profits has a good landing page on their website to assist non-profits
Jackson-Burgin, Inc. Update-Will Burgin

Will gave the following updates:

  • Synovus has rolled out their Payroll Protection Program (PPP) using Small Business Association (SBA) funds; other SBA lending banks are also making available
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)is up and running
  • Another PPP will go live on Friday, April 10, 2020 for independent contractors, self-employed individuals, sole proprietors and LLC

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